Educational Resources


IFOMPT has collected a series of educational resources (lectures, videos, publications, etc) from educational committee meetings and conferences.  These are organised according to topics - note that the event where the material was presented is included in brackets in each case.
IFOMPT Glasgow Conference 2016
  1. MACP Videos 
  2. Manual Therapy Abstracts 
Evidence based practice
  1. Spurring you on:  The Value of Group Research Projects. Clair Hebron (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Zaragoza 2010)
  2. Promoting evidence-based practice in orthopaedic manual physical therapy education: an approach to developing competency in instructors and learners. Lenerdene Levesque and Euson Yeung (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  3. From “State of the Art Research” to “State of the Art Manual Therapy. Benita Olivier (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht, 2014)
  4. Supporting Collaborative Practice in Physiotherapy Education -The ‘Wiki Experience’. Caitriona Cunningham (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  5. Purpose, challenges and opportunities of the research project component of programmes. Karen Beeton and Mindy Cairns (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow 2016)
  6. Informing a student's application of systematic review and trial results in OMT practice. Jan Pool (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow 2016)
  7. Publishing our student's work. Alison Rushton and Nicola Heneghan (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow 2016)
Post-Professional Educational Standards
  1. Developing and Advancing International Post-Professional Educational Standards in Physical Therapy: A Canadian Perspective. Jackie Sadi (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Amsterdam, 2011)
  2. Developing and advancing international post-professional educational standards in physical therapy. Alison Rushton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Amsterdam, 2011)
  3. Evaluating the validity of a program of assessments in post-graduate orthopaedic manual physical therapy (OMPT) in Canada. Euson Yeung (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
  4. Use of Wikis and Blogs to promote collaborative learning in an Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy MSc Programme. Caitriona Cunningham and Catherine Doody (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
  5. Student engagement and perception of rubric-based evaluation process. Silvia Perez (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
  6. A Participant Orientated Process for Developing National Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy Educational Materials in the 21st Century. Sherrill Rutherford (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
IFOMPT Standards
  1. Enabling students to achieve the research project component of IFOMPT standards. Alison Rushton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  2. IFOMPT Standards Committee Member organisation - UK. Karen Beeton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Amsterdam, 2011)
  3. Small group work presentation and Task 1Task 2Task 3 (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Singapore 2015)
  1. Spinal manipulation - evidence for physiotherapist delivery of effective procedures. Duncan Reid, Timothy Flynn, Chris McCarthy, Wayne Hing, Pieter Westerhuis (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Amsterdam, 2011)
  2. Homogenisation of grades of movement in OMT educational setting: Reliability study for the detection  of the start of the Transition Zone and First Stop during caudal traction of coxofemoral joint in healthy patients with coxarthritis. Jose Miguel Tricas Moreno (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  3. Does joint surface separation appear during traction impulse at the glenohumeral joint? An experimental study by radiological video analysis. Andreas Gattermeier (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  4. Articular dysfunction patterns with mechanical neck pain – A clinical algorithm to guide specific mobilisation and manipulation techniques. Vincent Dewitte (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  5. Safety of upper cervical manipulation: What type of upper cervical manipulation techniques are currently taught? Barbara Cagnie and Jan Pool (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  6. Possibilities of the training of manipulation impulses with the help of a computerised measuring system. Andreas Gattermeier (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  7. Tips for Teaching Spinal Manipulation. Lenerdene Levesque, Scott Whitmore, Duncan Reid and Christopher McCarthy (Glasgow, 2016)
Clinical reasoning
  1. Developing and Monitoring Clinical Reasoning---From a Distance. Ann Porter Hoke (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  2. The Importance of Students Using Evidence to Inform Clinical Decisions. Lorrie Maffey (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  3. Postgraduate Training Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Clinical Reasoning. Ghent University (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  4. Use of validated and patient reported outcome measures to assess fellowship education, clinical decision making, mentorship, and professional implications of advanced training. Timothy Flynn (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  5. Evaluating the impact of postgraduate education in manipulative physiotherapy on clinical reasoning. Nicola Heneghan (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
 Clinical Placements and Treatment
  1. Use of the RPS-Form as a Teaching Aid. Lenerdene Levesque and Erik Thoomes (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  2. Managing a shortage of clinical placements. Karen Beeton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  3. Marking students’ performance of patient treatments. John Langendoen and Ronel Jordaan (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  4. Managing the failing student on placement. Karen Beeton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  5. Improving our formative assessment during mentored clinical practice. Alison Rushton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  6. Competency-Based Postgraduate Mentored Clinical Practice: Can We Bridge the Gap between Science and Clinical Practice? Jan Pool (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  7. Mentorship from the student’s perspective. Lenerdene Levesque (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  8. A pragmatic approach to delivering. organising and assessing the mentored practice component of programmes. John Langendoen and Per Kjaer (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
  1. Introducing Communication Skill Training in OMT in South Africa.  Beverly Bolton (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting Zaragoza, 2010)
  1. E-mentoring in OMT training. Lorrie Maffey (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
Education in Pain Physiology
  1. Pain neurophysiology education for the application of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Silvia Perez Guillen (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Utrecht 2014)
  2. Informing student selection of outcome measures for evaluating pain in the biopsychosocial private practice context. Lorrie Maffey (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)
Student Assessment
  1. The Objective Structured Practical Examination Demystified. Ronél Jordaan and Benita Olivier (IFOMPT Teachers Meeting, Glasgow, 2016)