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    The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Incorporated (IFOMPT) represents groups of Manipulative and Manual Physical Therapists around the world who have completed stringent post-registration/post-graduation specialisation programmes in the field of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

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Access many benefits from professional development to linking with an international network of like-minded people.

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Every 4 years, the world PTs meet at the prestigious IFOMPT Conference. Let's meet in Basel, Switzerland from 4 to 6 July 2024.

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We run quarterly webinars by a wide range of internationally renowned speakers on various topics. Stay in touch by registering.

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Looking to stay informed and up to date - search here for a course to attend or to find employment elsewhere in the IFOMPT World?

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IFOMPT 2024 Conference in Basel


IFOMPT Webinars

Announcing the latest on-demand IFOMPT Webinar presented by René Bakodi

Non-specific Neck Pain and Stability: Beyond Chin Tuck - Exploring Functional Rehabilitation
Non-specific neck pain is a common problem among patients seeking help in physical therapy clinics. This webinar will review examination steps to distinguish between functional and structural instability as well as identify and interpret muscular deficits. Current literature on active stabilisation and strengthening of the cervical spine will be presented and critically reviewed. In addition, a strengthening program (The Glory Nine) will be presented which has already shown excellent results in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement in a pilot study.