Benefits of Membership of IFOMPT

IFOMPT was founded almost 50 years ago with the aim of facilitating the acceptance and introduction of manipulation into physical therapy to develop the art and science of manipulation and to set standards for its education and practice. Over time it has evolved and grown considerably thanks to the dedication and hard work of many volunteers who continued to strive for excellence and the growth and protection of the profession. The result is that we now have a mature organisation that is regarded as the mouthpiece and the custodian of high standards for OMPT across the world.

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This evolution must continue for IFOMPT to remain relevant. Through regular strategic planning reviews every few years, IFOMPT will continue to serve its members and grow as an organisation.
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By being involved with IFOMPT, the Member Organisations and their individual members are part of an international, professional organisation where membership is gained solely through extensive, postgraduate OMPT education. Obtaining these accredited qualifications attaches a status to the members that sets them aside as being able to provide care of a very high standard based on the quality of the education and the collective value ascribed to it.
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Meeting the standards of education and care is further strengthened by ensuring that the educational programmes maintain a required post-professional educational standard over time. This is done through rigorous International Monitoring which is carried out for all programmes over a scheduled time period.
By putting in place these standards and requirements that are measurable and comparable, the members become more mobile and are able to have their qualifications recognised elsewhere in the world which opens up opportunities to work and gain experience and collaborate on a global scale.
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IFOMPT provides a vehicle and platform for its members to contribute to the clinical, education and research to the advancement of OMPT practice worldwide. Being part of this international community facilitates debate and collaboration and the joint effort is greater and with more far reaching benefits for the profession and ultimately the patients than would be without the platform to collaborate. This includes potential involvement in international consensus and development and approval of clinical practice guidelines that span across borders or regions and shape the way in which treatment is provided.
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The four yearly IFOMPT Conference affords researchers and clinicians alike the opportunity to present their research, collaborate and attend presentations on the latest and most up to date information and developments in the profession. In addition to the scientific benefits, the Conference is also an unrivalled networking opportunity where members can connect and meet with colleagues from around the world.
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