IFOMPT Photo Album

The Founders and Early Leaders

IFOMPT was established through the vision and hard work of its founding members and early leaders including Geoffrey Maitland, Stanley Paris, Freddy Kaltenborn, Gregory Grieve, David Lamb, Peter Edgelow, Ian Searle and many others and their role in its existence and evolution is acknowledged and celebrated.

stanley-paris-founder     FK  david_lamb_1.jpg
    maitland_1_1.jpg  Australia 41, Perth 2000    This edition of IFOMPT Release is dedicated to Ian Searle who passed away  at the Waikato Hospital on 3 November 2013.
Where it all Began
1st IFOMT Class 1972-248

IFOMT Gran Canary - 1973 (one year prior to the formation of IFOMT)

First Group Class in Canada 1973-838

Planning meeting for the examinations in 1973 taken in Canada in 1972


Teachers and Tutors, IFOMT - 1973


 Teachers, IFOMT - 1973

Helsinki 2005 - Membership Certificates Awarded
Norway certificate, Helsinki 05Per with certificate, Helsinki 05ProfCanada certificate, Helsinki 05Axel with certificate, Helsinki 05Alison RAnnalie with certificate, Helsinki 05Fiona with certificate, Helsinki 05Guido with certificate, Helsinki 05Jutta  with certificate, Helsinki 05Kostas with certificate, Helsinki 05Maarit with certificate, Helsinki 05Netherlands certificate, Helsinki 05New Zealand certificate, Helsinki 05Renee with certificate, Helsinki 05Ragnar with certificate, Helsinki 05
Many  Memorable events over the years
Rotterdam 2008

Exec    Gwen Jull, Rott 08

Zaragosa 2010
MO delegates with mittens, Nov 10  Spain, Exec & SC + Vicki, Nov 10

Cincinnati 2013

   DSC 8521  DSC 8510

Singapore 2015
Singapore MO Delegates  Singapore Groups

Glasgow 2016
DSC 6301     20160708 123845 DSC 5885  20160703 185020

Cape Town 2017
20170701 185835  EXec and Masao Yamauchi  CT

Reno 2018
IFOMPT Stand Reno 2018  Reno MOs  Laura and Ken Reno 2018  Ken and Bob Elvey Reno 2018

Geneva 2019
Boat trip Geneva 2019  E Lonneman and Canadian Team Geneva 2019  Team 2019  Japanese Delegation Geneva 2019
Virtual General Meeting 2020
   GoToMeeting 010-234-745GoToMeeting 022-724GoToMeeting 030-3GoToMeeting 051-624GoToMeeting 058-487GoToMeeting 064-809
San Diego 2022
Dubai World Physiotherapy Congress 2023
 Group small version-96820230602 101435-32520230603 092642-440
Ghent September 2023
0S1A2755-138-931-681 0S1A2717-209-5480S1A2701-994-543
Ghent 2-409 0S1A2818-849-92