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Spinal manipulation and mobilisation in the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents: a systematic scoping review
Article Paed M-318
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International IFOMPT Cervical Framework
 Accepted at the IFOMPT General Meeting on 5/6 October 2020


International Framework for Examination of the Cervical Region for potential of vascular pathologies of the neck prior to Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) Intervention: International IFOMPT Cervical Framework as an official IFOMPT document.

Click here for the French translation: Guide International1 pour l’Examen de la Région Cervicale à la recherche d’une possible pathologie vasculaire cervicale avant une Intervention de Thérapie Manuelle. Guide International IFOMPT pour l’examen cervical.

Click here for the Latvian translation: Starptautiskais ietvars mugurkaula kakla daļas izmeklēšanai potenciālu asinsvadu patoloģiju konstatēšanai pirms ortopēdiskas manuālās terapijas (OMT).


International Framework for Red Flags for Potential Serious Spinal Pathologies
Click here for a copy of the Red Flags Framework
Click here for Portuguese translation of the Red Flags Framework as translated and supplied by Grupo de Interesse Fisioterapia Músculo - note that they have made minor adaptations to Portuguese Phystiotherapy reality.
Click here for French translation of the Red Flags Framework as translated and supplied by OMT France. 
Cauda Equina

Video on cauda equina syndrome for clinicians describing the latest evidence and how to identify and what symptoms to act on.

Cauda equina warning credit cards 

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The MACP has translated the Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) warning credit card into several languages which are available on the IFOMPT website which you are welcome to download and use for patients you may suspect could develop CES. This initiative has been used in the UK to empower patients to act on signs and symptoms of CES so that timely intervention can take place preventing life changing consequences. For further information please click here