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A subgroup of World Confederation for Physical Therapy

Reciprocal Recognition

IFOMPT is working towards reciprocal recognition of members of IFOMPT Member Organisations.

All IFOMPT Member Organisation’s educational programmes are required to meet IFOMPT educational standards in advanced orthopaedic manual physical therapy in order to obtain membership in IFOMPT.  Member Organisations of each country are encouraged to accept individuals who have trained in other Member Organisation countries as full, voting members in their countries’ OMPT organisation.

What is reciprocal recognition?

Reciprocal recognition is when OMPT organisations of two countries agree that a member of one Member Organisation is able to become a member of another Member Organisation without added requirements such as further examination, portfolio review, or additional education.  Reciprocal recognition is linked to allowing the OMPT trained physical therapist to have the same rights and privileges within the Member Organisation as others within the organisation who have successfully completed an IFOMPT approved OMPT educational programme.

Support for Member Organisations regarding development of reciprocal recognition

Some IFOMPT Member Organisations have constitutional requirements that acceptance of OMPT trained members from one country will only be accepted if a reciprocal level of acceptance is permitted from the other country. Therefore, IFOMPT has established a draft Memorandum of Understanding that Member Organisations may use and modify to meet their needs in development of these relationships with other Member Organisations.

Which countries have reciprocal recognition?

 The Member Organisations from Australia, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland accept all graduates of IFOMPT approved OMPT programmes as OMPT specialists within their organisations.  This is essentially expands the concept of “Reciprocal Recognition” to “Universal Recognition” of the expertise of physical therapists trained in IFOMPT approved programmes for all the Member Organisations that represent these countries.

Registration and license to practice
Reciprocal recognition is not linked to registration or licensure to practice in a Member Organisation country. The physical therapist must still meet the country’s registration or licensure requirements to work and practice physical therapy.

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