OMPT Advocacy

IFOMPT Advisory Group on OMPT Advocacy
Jonathan Stammers (Chair). Laura Finucane (EC liaison), Pierre Roscher (EC), Clair Hebron, Ina Diener, Aline Miranda Ferreira, Firas Mourad, Rhonda Reardon, Rod Mclean, and Ingrid du Toit (Executive Director).
IFOMPT is an advocate for the use of manual and manipulative therapy which has been the cornerstone of IFOMPT since its inception, with members demonstrating a high level of practice in this area. IFOMPT is recognised for its expertise and as advocates we must provide sufficient and sound evidence for its use and its limitations.
2022 Charges
Objective 1: Provide evidence for the use of manual therapy/manipulation in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
Objective 2: Provide consistent messaging on its use for both clinicians and the general public.
Objective 3: Provide recommendations on how we can advocate for its use (e.g., a stream on MT in the IFOMPT conference, a position statement which can be used to counteract arguments for a hands-on versus a hands-off approach, SoMe platforms).
Objective 4: Provide recommendations on future research directions in this area. Bring up topics/research questions to offer to a broader audience to focus on questions that can be researched – pro active.
Country to country review- reach out to Mos and RIGs to ask what their situation is and the challenges they face.

Communication and Reporting
The advisory group chair will be responsible for ensuring effective communication between the advisory group and the EC.
Working Methods
The advisory group will work remotely using email, video conferencing, online meeting platforms, or any other technology as needed to enable fair and reasonable consideration of any matters. All documents will be available to members in electronic format, information contained in documents is confidential to IFOMPT staff, the advisory group, and the EC.
Conflict of Interest
Members of the advisory group will comply with IFOMPT’s conflict of interest policy, and any other relevant policies, at all times. Members will declare any matters that may create a true or perceived conflict of interest or bias at the start of each meeting and at other times as required by policies.
Limitation on Powers
The advisory group cannot invite further individuals onto the advisory group without the specific agreement of the EC.

IFOMPT December 2021