Advisory Group on Marketing and Communication

Progress Report to the 2020 General Meeting

Advisory Group on Marketing and Communication (AGMC)

Terms of Reference and Charges

Members: Five members plus the Chair.  Additionally, one/two Executive Committee (EC) liaison member/s, one Standards Committee (SC) liaison member and the IFOMPT Executive Director.  Members are appointed by the EC.  The Chairperson appointed by the EC after taking into consideration recommendations from the appointed members of the AGMC.

Term & Term Limits:  Three-year terms with three-term limits.


Members must belong to a MO or RIG of IFOMPT but do not necessarily have to be the MO delegate.


Current Members:  Core Group: Marion Schreiner (Chair), Baerbel Boergel, Pierre Roscher, Vesa Lehtola, Eva Backer Hansen, Haideh Plock, Laura Finucane, (EC liaison) Renée de Ruijter (EC liaison), Lenerdene Levesque (SC liaison) and Ingrid du Toit (Office).

Subgroup: Svein Kristiansen (Videos), Ingela Lundholm (General), Firas Mourad (Videos), and Alexandros Sideris (General)

Meetings: As deemed appropriate by the group but at least every 2 months via teleconference. One face-to-face meeting a year, if appropriate.                                                                                                                                  

Purpose: To ensure there is a continuous flow of communication between MOs and Executive and the Standards Committees. Further, to ensure the branding strategy is optimally delivered by providing a clear direction and focus on a number of objectives outlined below.

 2017/2018 Charges

  1. Investigate best ways to enhance communication between IFOMPT members (individuals, groups, committees, etc.).
  2. Identify HOW and WHAT to communicate to WHOM.
  3. Develop and disseminate a document/s that outline the benefits of membership of IFOMPT for the various stakeholders.
  4. Develop a standardised PowerPoint/video presentation for MO use in promoting IFOMPT to their educational programmes and other possible opportunities.
  5. Review and develop the guidance for the use of the logo and tagline and, where necessary, amend and distribute as appropriate.
  6. Describe the use of the logo and tagline at conferences associated with IFOMPT.
  7. Develop and review promotional documents for IFOMPT.  Consider translating into other languages.
  8. Enhance IFOMPT presence and participation in social media.
  9. Guidance and advice regarding the IFOMPT website and the information shared on the website.


Chair: Responsible for ensuring the advisory group functions optimally by:
  • Reporting to the IFOMPT EC on the activities of the advisory group.
  • Bringing impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making
  • Ensuring matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner;
  • Planning and running meetings;
  • Coordinating tasks of the group and prioritising tasks
  • Member:
  • Actively participate in meetings
  • Follow up on agreed action points from meetings within designated time-frames
  • Provide input into the tasks and continue to develop the strategy.
Conflict of Interest:  A conflict of interest can arise when conditions or circumstances preclude or interfere with an individual’s capacity to make the objective, detached decisions required of EC  and Aisory Group members.  Members shall excuse themselves from such participation in any case where a conflict of interest arises, where a potential conflict of interest may arise, or where there may be a perceived appearance of conflict.

IFOMPT October 2017