Advisory Group on Finance

IFOMPT Advisory Group on Finance

Nathan Hutting (Chair), Richard Ellis (EC), Timoreta Gray, Dusty Quinn, Bart Vanthillo, Elina Bergmane, and Ingrid du Toit (Executive Director).
To provide guidance and advice to the EC regarding the financial model and management of IFOMPT.
2020-2024 Charges
Objective 1: Investigate alternative income streams for IFOMPT and provide EC with short and long term strategies to consider.
Objective 2: Review the subscription structure of IFOMPT and make recommendations for an alternative structure and/or fees to reflect the memberships diversity in income.
Objective 3: Review the financial model and operating systems used by IFOMPT including the policies, programmes, and systems used.
Objective 4: Review discretionary spending of IFOMPT and make recommendations for any appropriate cost-saving changes.
Communication and Reporting
The advisory group chair will be responsible for ensuring effective communication between the advisory group and the EC.
Working Methods
The advisory group will work remotely using email, video conferencing, online meeting platforms, or any other technology as needed to enable fair and reasonable consideration of any matters. All documents will be available to members in electronic format, information contained in documents is confidential to IFOMPT staff, the advisory group, and the EC.
Conflict of Interest
Members of the advisory group will comply with IFOMPT’s conflict of interest policy, and any other relevant policies, at all times. Members will declare any matters that may create a true or perceived conflict of interest or bias at the start of each meeting and at other times as required by policies.
Limitation on Powers
The advisory group cannot invite further individuals onto the task force without the specific agreement of the EC.

IFOMPT December 2020