Strategic Plan

IFOMPT Strategy 2020-2025

“To be the leading organisation worldwide for the promotion of excellence in manual/musculoskeletal physiotherapy/physical therapy (PT) to meet the musculoskeletal health needs of the global community”. 


Since its formation nearly 50 years ago, IFOMPT has been working towards Worldwide promotion of excellence and unity in clinical and academic standards for manual /musculoskeletal PTs”.

Since its inception, IFOMPT has focussed on internal quality standards and international monitoring of these standards. Member countries of IFOMPT that went through the rigorous international monitoring process can be proud to offer a high international standard of academic and clinical education and, on the level of the individual PT, high quality patient care backed by these standards.

The development and maintenance of these standards has been the main focus of IFOMPT. With this strong foundation in place, the time has come for IFOMPT to grow our vision, our scope, and our influence and to evolve to the next level. We will achieve this by:

  • Moving from an internal focus to an external focus so that we can support and influence global change in the delivery of high-quality manual/musculoskeletal PT.

  • Progressing from defining expertise to connecting experts across the world to develop and expand manual/ musculoskeletal PT practice.

  • Evolving from establishing the expert community to leading the global community in musculoskeletal health.

  • Growing from promoting research to knowledge translation across our Member Organisations (MO), Associate Member Organisations (AMO), and Registered Interest Groups (RIG) and the wider musculoskeletal community to impact implementation of evidence informed practice.

  • Progressing from promoting high international standard of academic and clinical practice to defining best PT practice for musculoskeletal conditions that support excellence in response to societal needs at the local, national, and international level.

  • Adapting from limited membership achieved through standards and international monitoring to an inclusive community that enhances the diversity and reach of IFOMPT but does not lose the high quality of standards set by the organisation.

Our aim is to promote a high standard of manual/musculoskeletal PT to influence the global improvement of musculoskeletal health.

Our purpose is a broad and ambitious one:
IFOMPT’s aim over the next 5 years is  “To be the leading organisation worldwide for the promotion of excellence in manual/musculoskeletal PT to meet the musculoskeletal health needs of society”. 


By ensuring and supporting strong and adaptable national professional organisations of physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal practices, we will ensure the delivery of and access to services that promote high-quality care, worldwide. Strong and forward-thinking national PT professional organisations will be supported by IFOMPT’s activities and initiatives.

We need to ensure that we are facilitators that connect the many aspects of manual/musculoskeletal PT into a comprehensive whole, promoting research and innovation, sharing knowledge, upholding excellence, and together leading the international manual/musculoskeletal PT community. 

We will mentor, challenge, and create pathways to expand the practice of manual/ musculoskeletal PT, carefully balancing the strength of standards with the needs of the society we serve.

We need to make sure that we are recognised as THE global experts, we advocate on behalf of the global manual/musculoskeletal PT community, for policy and initiatives that lead to better musculoskeletal health outcomes.  


  1. Here to Serve

We are here to serve our members and the wider global PT community and those individuals who seek excellence from MO PTs. We need to expand the quality, exposure, and influence of manual/musculoskeletal PTs to meet the growing needs of our diverse society through:

    1. Supporting and mentoring the MOs, AMOs, and RIGs.

    2. Engaging in open discussions with wider PT community to identify specific needs.

    3. Responding to the membership and wider community alike and making available expertise and resources for evidence informed care.

    4. Promoting specialised skills and expertise generated through the IFOMPT effort to enhance comprehensive and trusted quality and evidence-based care.


  1. Dynamic Community      

IFOMPT aims to be a responsive and engaged global PT community that together respond to the changing landscape and creatively leads the way through:

    1. Building and fostering connections and collaboration across the community.

    2. Sharing effective practice that enables and influences the wider community.

    3. Engaging members and non-members in collective dialogue to identify and explore broader trends and opportunities to grow IFOMPT and its reach.

    4. Growing the membership community through mentoring, links, and creating pathways that accelerate admission and connection by using technology or digital technologies to enhance communication and learning.

    5. Exploring different ways of collaboration and partnering to enrich the experience of members.


  1. Quality, Excellence, and Accessibility

For IFOMPT, quality is about standards. It is also about being available and inspiring to be better.  IFOMPT will drive excellence and expand quality through:

    1. Upholding quality by promoting:

      1. Evidence informed practice.

      2. Knowledge translation.

      3. Technical advice and expertise.

      4. Putting in place Standards and upholding these through reasonable international monitoring.

      5. Supporting and enabling AMOs and RIGs to achieve membership of IFOMPT.

    2. Inspiring quality and expanding reach by:

      1. Defining pathways for quality practice.

      2. Leading in response to variable situations and through disruption, i.e., COVID-19 and other world pandemics and eventualities.

  1. Strong and Courageous Voice

As experts in the field of manual/musculoskeletal PT, IFOMPT will step to the plate to represent the community at all levels and actively advocate for greater access to quality treatment globally, and influence policy by:

    1. Representing the profession through:

      1. Providing expert advice on behalf of World Physiotherapy (WP) as an agent for change in musculoskeletal health.

      2. Influencing the global debate relating to musculoskeletal health for greater impact and health outcomes.

      3. Seeking to influence and setting the political agenda.

    2. Advocating for the profession by:

      1. Promoting evidence-based and clinically informed practice.

      2. Highlighting global gaps and opportunities.

      3. Addressing global accessibility and quality issues.

      4. Advocating for the role of manual/manipulative PT in the management of musculoskeletal conditions.

4.2.5    Advocating to promote practice rights worldwide for PTs to use the full range of evidence-informed manual/manipulative PT procedures.

  1. Fit for the Future

It is the aim of IFOMPT to be viewed as a respected, trusted, and well-known organisation that answers the needs of our community with responsibility and rigor, ensuring long term financial stability and sustainability through:

    1. Actively pursuing membership growth by:

      1. Broadening the base and numbers we represent by supporting organisations to progress to MO status.

      2. Developing strategies to assist AMOs and RIGs on their pathway to evolve and become MOs.

    2. Strengthening governance through:

      1. Ensuring we are a diverse community that is truly representative of the manual /musculoskeletal PT community.

      2. Continuing to be rigorous about protecting our standards of practice and their application.

      3. Putting in place an organisational structure that is responsive to the needs of the membership to implement the strategic direction and plan.    

      4. Implementing and continuous reviewing of up to date and responsive Constitution, policies, procedures.

    3. Ensuring that IFOMPT remains the recognised and respected name that represents manual/musculoskeletal PT globally through:

      1. Putting in place a clear brand for IFOMPT and what it stands for and actively promoting this brand.

      2. Extending the reputation of IFOMPT and what it stands for by leading by example.

    4. Prioritising advocacy for IFOMPT and its place in the PT arena both within the media and the general health community.

    5. Making sure that IFOMPT is an organisation that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusivity in all its activities and structures.