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A subgroup of World Confederation for Physical Therapy


Only persons assigned usernames and passwords can use the forums.  There are four categories:


MO Delegate

Executive Member

Standards Committee

When you log into the forum, you must choose the correct category that you have been assigned.  Once you click the proper category from the left column, fill out the username and passwords as assigned.  It is important that you use the proper case (capital letters where are are capitals in the assigned username and password).  Click OK, and you will be directed to the correct set of forums.  Please note that MO delegates have access to delegate forums, SC members have access to MO delegate and SC forums, and executive members have access to delegate and SC forums.  If you are an executive or SC member, and wish to enter the delegate forum, you will need to click the MO delegate button in the left column after you log in, in order to view the delegate forums available.

Once you get to the proper set of forums, please choose the forum you wish to enter, and there should be a further option to choose the same forum, it may be named slightly differently.  However, at this stage there is the option to start a New Thread.  Please do not do this.  Follow the orignial thread, it will be introduced by the moderator of the forum to introduce the subject.  Then you can follow the comments from succeeding viewers, and if you desire, you can post a reply.  This happens in this section, but once again, should not occur at the "New Thread" level. This should only be used by the moderator if s/he decides to have a parallel discussion, which will be rare.

At any time, if you have any questions regarding the forum, its navigation, format, etc, please contact me, MIchael Ritchie, IFOMPT executive member, web administrator at ritchiemichael@eastlink.ca.

Thank you

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