IFOMPT Task Force on Governance
Renée de Ruijter (Chair), Paolo Sanzo (EC), Annalie Basson, Ken Olson, Barbara Pantar, Michael Boni, Mindy Cairns, María Orosia Lucha López, Hironobu Kuruma and Ingrid du Toit (Executive Director)
To review, critique, and make recommendations to the EC on the revision of the
IFOMPT Governance Manual and Policies and Procedures (hereafter known as the Governance Manual) and adapt the Governance Manual to the Constitution 2020.
2021/2022 Charges
Objective 1: Critically analyse, amend, modernise as necessary, and use accessible language to propose to the EC to update and revise the IFOMPT Governance Manual.
Objective 2: To accommodate the points specifically raised for consideration in the Governance Manual by the Constitutional Review Task force when compiling the 2020 constitutional revisions.
Objective 3: To develop new Governance Manual policies and procedures to assist in the operational functions and governance of IFOMPT.
Communication and Reporting
The task force chair will be responsible for ensuring effective communication between the task force and the EC.
Working Methods
The task force will work remotely using email, video conferencing, online meetings, or any other technology as needed to enable fair and reasonable consideration of any matters. All documents will be available to members in electronic format; the information contained in the documents are confidential to IFOMPT staff, the members of the task force, and the EC.
Conflict of Interest
Members of the task force will comply with IFOMPT’s conflict of interest policy, and any other relevant policies, at all times. Members will declare any matters that may create a true or perceived conflict of interest or bias at the start of each meeting and at other times as required by policies.
Limitation on Powers
The task force cannot add individuals onto the committee without the specific agreement of the EC.