Who is H.OMT.D

Aimed at graduates Physiotherapists Technological Educational Institutes in Greece or equivalent schools abroad,members of the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists , who are interested to acquire title postgraduate clinical expertise in Manual Therapy. On the whole educational philosophy aims at fostering critical thinking through the physiotherapist 'Clinical Reasoning »(Clinical Reasoning) in order to promote efficiency in the evaluation, classification and treatment of patients.

It also provides the necessary knowledge of the methodology needed to study and review of the literature reviewed, the introduction to research through work and the effective transfer of knowledge to clinical practice.

The Education of H-OMT-D includes the 'scientific spirit' of different schools of Manual Therapy, teaching methods and conceptual models of clinical physical therapy intervention. This program addresses all Physiotherapists who wish to improve and make the most of their clinical skills. It is the result of careful analysis and processing of educational systems both at the universities of Australia, Great Britain, and in educational programs of Germany and other European countries in Manual Therapy. It is clearly the most updated (updated) postgraduate program (post graduate educational program), running right now in Greece, and which is offered to the Greeks Physiotherapists.

This effort is in line with the international standards of training and evaluation, which defines the leading international body representing the Manual Therapy, the World Federation for Physical Therapy Manual Therapy (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists - IFOMPT ).

The central philosophy is to:

  • Great choice of full time education to complete the process of seminars, clinical supervision, thesis, written and oral exam (according to the dictates of IFOMPT) at half time.
  • Very fast and efficient completion of training. Seminars in full time program completed in just 12 months.
  • Alternatively it is possible part time education under the current program, depending on the timing capabilities of any interested colleague. Ask us how.
  • In each course there will always be at least three speakers without additional financial burden for participants.
  • Participants will be grouped by their staff "responsible clinician education» (personal tutor) who monitor them, evaluate them throughout their education and helps with anything you need.
  • Provides direct access to bibliographic sources to all participants from the partner network of H-OMT-D in Greece and abroad.
  • We provide free on line support at both the theoretical and queries in terms of everyday clinical practice.
  • The training provided and taught techniques have direct application in daily physiotherapy practice (Instant Clinical Application).
  • Providing the most updated (updated) knowledge-based authoritative findings of global research in the subject of Manual Therapy, to develop the physical therapy intervention based on documented research and evidence.
  • Integration techniques and approaches of all known systems Manual Therapy. For this reason we have created a unique way of coding and terminology, the «Pain-Resistance Evaluation Model -PREM ©», which ensures better communication both between trainers and learners, and learners together to assess and treatment of patients.
  • Ability to monitor the educational program of Physiotherapists trained in Manual Therapy systems that are different from each other, without any difficulty understanding both coding and examination, and therapeutic treatments (mobilization or manipulation).
  • In our program teach -in indents selected medical specialists depending on the subject of each seminar so that participants gain comprehensive training in the field taught. It also creates, climate effective communication between medical science and physiotherapy so much missing from the Greek clinical reality.