Name of Institution: A.M.P.G. (Association of Manual Physiotherapists of Greece) in cooperation with the Kaltenborn – Evjenth International
Country: Greece
Name of Member Organisation of IFOMPT that the programme is linked to: HELLAS-OMPT
Information on programme:

This postgraduate educational program offers a flexible way of learning to fit in with work and family responsibilities of the students who the majority of them are, professional physiotherapists. Its ability to offer courses in a part-time mode, as well as spread out in Greece, is openly recognizable and welcome by all the applicants and the related training team.

Duration and mode of study

Time Schedule: Courses are taught every four months, within an academic year, in order to leave sufficient time in between for practice and consolidation. Some modules are taught in combination, in order to save time and money spent.

Basic Training Stage: Includes nine major modules spread out in approximately 2 ½ years time. In this time, Clinical Mentored Supervision of 120 hours is included, along with the final exams of the Middle Term Education program.

OMT Training Stage: Includes eight major modules spread out in approximately 1 ½ years time. In this time, Clinical Mentored Supervision of 120 hours is included, along with the final exams of the OMT Education program.

The curriculum offers a minimum of 274 contact hours at an advanced level for clinical, medical and behavioural sciences, along with practical sessions of 270 hours to help students develop and excel in the OMPT skills required. Modules are taught using a variety of methods, including lectures, practical exercises, small groups’ seminars, self- directed reading and independent study.

  1. OMT Assistants organize practice groups/ repetition-groups to bring students to study together, exchange information and practice clinical skills like examination and treatment techniques as well as clinical reasoning. The theory modules and clinical mentoring sessions take place in various course centres and practices across Greece.

Constant support by the education team of teachers and assistants is offered to the course participants throughout the whole years of studying, either providing educational or technical material.

Contact Information:
  A.M.P.G. Centre
          Phone number: (+ 30) 2104624817, 6975858129