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A subgroup of World Confederation for Physical Therapy

The German Association for Manual Therapy (Maitland concept)

dvmt_logo_1.jpgName of Institution: DVMT e.V. (Maitland® Konzept) – The German Association for Manual Therapy (Maitland concept)
Country: Germany
Name of Member Organisation of IFOMPT that the programme is linked to: DFAMT
Information on programme:
Our programme is a 2 ½ year programme which includes 5 clinical course weeks, 6 course weekends and 3 weeks of fulltime clinical mentoring. On top of that, there is a minimum of one week self-organised clinical mentoring sessions. The self-organised clinical mentoring offers the course participants to spend time working with selected professionals in their areas of expertise. All clinical mentoring sessions, lectures and assignments are under the guidance of experienced OMT physiotherapists. The theory modules cover wide topics, including pain management, research methods and medical sciences and screening. The clinical mentoring sessions include the assessment and management of patients with a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. A key component of the clinical mentoring sessions is the clinical reasoning.
The theory modules and clinical mentoring sessions take place in various course centres and practices across Germany.
Continual support by the team of teachers and education board is offered to the course participants. Course participants also obtain online access to a wide range of journals.
The time between the course weekends is for written assignments and exercises.
Contact Information:
          DVMT Fobi Centre
          Phone number: (+ 49) 0421 – 626 74 14
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T : +64 211 878 753

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