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A subgroup of World Confederation for Physical Therapy

Teesside University Wremen Germany

Master of Science  Advanced Clinical Practice  (Manipulative Therapy) 



Teesside University

School of Health & Social Care
Tees Valley
TS1 3BA    UKGermany_logo_2.png
Wremer Specken 4
27638 Wremen   Germany
IFOMPT Member Organisation:        DFAMT - Deutsche Föderative Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Manuelle Therapie
Program information
This course focuses on advanced clinical practice in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. It combines intense training of clinical skills such as clinical reasoning and manual skills with the advantages of a broad appreciation of evidence based practice, research skills and knowledge of the biomedical sciences.
The course covers all aspects of the many roles of an OMT-therapist as defined by the IFOMPT and takes the learner on to Masters level in clinical practice. The main aspects of the program are advanced patient examination, treatment and communication skills as well as multidisciplinary management concepts for patients with musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and/or the extremities. A key part of the program is the mentored clinical practice in accordance with IFOMPT regulations, where students practice under supervision of dedicated specialist clinical educators.
Students will underpin their learning experiences by a sound understanding and appreciation of current evidence, and will also develop the skills necessary to critically evaluate and contribute to research in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and related fields of professionalism. Strategies for life-long-learning support students to continually advance their personal professional development and to contribute to the development of musculoskeletal physiotherapy as a profession.
The course is designed as a flexible part time program accounting for the individual needs of the students, allowing participants to respond to the changing demands of their daily life and to stay in their jobs throughout the entire course. It is a collaborative venture between Teesside University (U.K.) and Physio-Akademie (Germany). Applicants would normally contact the Physio-Akademie first. The program requires knowledge of both the English and the German language.
Contact information
Stefan Hegenscheidt
Partner Program Coordinator Physio-Akademie
Phone: 0049-(0)4705-951823
Email: s.hegenscheidt@physio-akademie.de
Website: www.studium.physio-akademie.de
Karen Johnson
Program leader Teesside University
Phone: 0044-(0)1642-384976
Email: k.johnson@tees.ac.uk
Website: www.tees.ac.uk
Teesside University
School of Health & Social Care
Tees Valley
TS1 3BA    UK
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