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2004 Report Card

August, 2004 Executive Report Card

The following report is a brief description of the activities that the IFOMT Executive has undertaken since the conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  Each Executive member is providing his/her own report in point form to keep you and your members / MO Executive informed.

It is anticipated that this report will be produced quarterly, every 3 months, and at times some member's component of the report card will be more or less complex, depending upon activities.  I ask the Member Organization representatives to write back with comments, suggestions, and requests for clarification as needed.

Below are some of the issues  which are being addressed by the Executive as a whole:

1) Familiarization of the website Forum mechanism for discussion.  It is hoped that this electronic vehicle will improve the efficiency of our communications.

2) Discussion of the Spanish and Greek applications for full membership into IFOMT.  As you are aware, neither country was accepted for full membership during the Cape Town conference, the usual venue for granting membership.  Spain has asked for a special meeting to reconsider their membership, and the Executive believe that if this special meeting takes place, full consideration should be given to both the Spanish and Greece applications.

3) The Forum on the website has also been modified to allow for Member Organization representatives to have a special meeting, should this be the decision of the representatives.  This will provide a unique experience to explore how the IFOMT community can communicate and decide upon our direction of growth.

4) Other countries have shown interest in joining as full members in IFOMT.  We will keep the membership informed.

5) We are looking at the issue of feedback from IFOMT MO representatives regarding the Cape Town conference, to see how we can evolve our activities for 2008 in the Netherlands.

The Executive members, over the next few months, will review their mandates as regards the Strategic Planning Report.  There may be the opportunity over the next two years to visit this issue for further refinement and evolution.

President's report - July, 2004:

Michael Ritchie

Responsible for:

  • Resources, Funding, and Administration
  • EC Americas

Assisted by:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand

Tasks include:

  • Website management
  • Exploration of funding sources, including website advertising
  • Development of EC Americas

Present Activities:

  • Further development of website, including communicating with individual website editors
  • Discussions with the Canadian and American Member Organizations regards EC Americas
  • Planning in-person meetings in Canada and United States regards the EC Americas development
  • Communicating with the secretariat, Vicki Reid, regarding day to day operations of IFOMT matters

Future Activities:

  • Communicate with my four MO representatives regarding funding and resources
  • Develop a strategy to increase traffic at www.ifomt.org
  • Develop a strategy for advertisement development on the site

According to the present IFOMT Strategic Plan, we are on track and on schedule regards resources and funding, other than the website advertising as had originally been considered.  I feel that it is important for the site to be fully operational (and it very nearly is!) before development of advertising on the site.  Also, it is important to have visitors to the site!!!!!  Perhaps that is one of the chores that my committee must consider now, how to increase traffic at www.ifomt.org

Vice  President's report -  July, 2004:

Marina Wallin

Responsible for:

  • Education
  • EC Europe (ECE)

Assisted by:

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • United States
  • Belgium (ECE)

Tasks include:

  • Development of Specialisation
  • Establishing criteria for IFOMT Conference Bursary
  • Activities in EC Europe

Present Activities:

  • Discussions with the assistant MOs regarding criteria for OMT Specialist
  • Discussion regarding further development of IFOMT Conference Bursary
  • Contact with the next ECE Congress arranger (Finland)

Future Activities:

  • See above.
  • Contact with European countries interested in becoming members in the future.

Treasurers report:

Annalie Basson

Responsible for: 

  • Finances
  • Resource centre

Assisted by:  

  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • South Africa


  • Managing finances with the assistance of the secretariat
  • Management (with the help of the website manger, Per Kjaer) the resource centre

Present activities: 

  • Finances are quiet with just the day to day expenses.
  • The executive decided to spend money on developing a forum/ chat room for the website.
  • Assessing the information in the resource centre
  • Compiling a form for MO's in order to update the resource centre.


Future activities: 

  • Update the Resource Centre. As we are thinking of changing the format slightly would really appreciate feedback and information from ALL MO's.

Executive Member One:

Lothar Joerger


  • Advocacy and comunication

Assisted by:

  • Belgium
  • Hongkong
  • Italy
  • Swizterland

Present activities:

  • Contact with the past executive member to collect documentation about the existing contacts
  • Discussions with a friend of mine who is charged with PR activities in an internationally acting society
  • Surfing through the different homepages of MT/ Physiotherapie/ Medical/ Osteopathic and Chiropractic groups to generate further ideas to promote our work
  • First draft to adapt basics of such approach to our needs and possibilities - asking the assisted MO`s to bring in their ideas to get an first and fresh collection of point of views to develop the strategic plan.

Future activities:

  • Finish the first draft establishing the objectives and try to arrange a time table and to stimulate the discussion how and with whom to achieve the objectives.

Executive Member Two:

Duncan Reid

Responsible for:

  • Research

Assisted by:

  • Norway
  • New Zealand
  • Australia


Tasks include:

  • Website management of research
  • Collecting research information from MO's

Present Activities:

  • The research section of the website is now functioning as is the guidelines section. MO's have been asked to update information but as yet the response has been slow

Future Activities:

  • Communicate with my four MO representatives the collection of information and continue to work with Anita Gross to ensure the information is updated and added as required
  • Continue to develop website links with countries that have published guidelines and also links to key research centres within Universities that are engaged in research into manual therapy.



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