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A subgroup of World Confederation for Physical Therapy

Advisory Group on Communication

Progress Report March 2017
Progress Report April 2017
Progress Report June 2017

Advisory Group on Communication (AGC)

Terms of Reference and Charges

Members: Five members plus the Chair.  Additionally, one Executive Committee (EC) ‘liaison’ member and the IFOMPT Office Manager as ‘ad hoc’ members.  Members are nominated by MO’s and appointed by the EC.  Chairperson appointed by the EC after taking into consideration recommendations from the elected members of the AGC.

Term & Term Limits:  Three-year terms with three-term limits.


Members of this group must have knowledge of the IFOMPT Constitution.

Members must belong to a MO or RIG of IFOMPT but do not necessarily have to be the MO delegate.

Current Members:  Ina Diener (Chairperson), Ingela Lunholm,  Firas Mourad, Silvia Perez, Renée de Ruijter (EC Liaison), Ingrid du Toit (Office).

Meetings: As required to fulfill the charges detailed below. Every 2 months in the first year via teleconference. One face-to-face meeting a year, if appropriate.                                                                                                                                         

Purpose: To ensure a proper and continuous flow of communication between MO’s and Executive.

 2016/2017 Charges

1.    Investigate best ways to improve communication between IFOMPT members.

2.    Choose a software system how to work together on documents and give it a central place on the IFOMPT website.

3.    Identify HOW & WHAT to communicate to WHOM.

4.    Create IFOMPT E-mail accounts for all MO’s.

5.    Improve communication between IFOMPT & WCPT.


  • Chair :
    • Responsible for ensuring advisory group functions properly by:
  • Coordinating tasks of the group and prioritising tasks;
  • Planning and running meetings;
  • Ensuring matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner;
  • Bringing impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making; and
  • Reporting to the IFOMPT Executive Committee on the activities of the advisory group.
  • Member:
  • Actively participating in meetings
  • Follow up on agreed action points from meetings within designated time-frames
  • Provide input into the tasks and continue to develop the strategy.

Conflict of Interest:  A conflict of interest can arise when conditions or circumstances preclude or interfere with an individual’s capacity to make the objective, detached decisions required of EC Advisory Group members.  Members shall excuse themselves from such participation in any case where a conflict of interest arises, where a potential conflict of interest may arise, or where there may be a perceived appearance of conflict.

IFOMPT October 2016

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